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Why Education Has Failed A Teacher's Catharsis

Why Education Has Failed: A Teacher's Catharsis was inspired by my time as a special education teacher teaching in the inner-city of Miami, Florida. It is a compilation of my experiences and observations dealing with minority, special education students.

The Dojo Kun: Martial Virtues Explained

The Dojo Kun: Martial Virtues Explained is the companion work to 38 Lessons for Living. Each chapter is full of practical insights to live happy and successfully. Simply read the chapter that is germane to your needs, and simply apply the strategies listed. This book is easy-to-read, and will help you stay focused and happy.

38 Lessons for Living

The need to educate, and to guide is paramount in a troubled world. Karate-Do exists to perfect the inner man through exercise, and life skills. This book covers many aspects of the human journey, and promotes the philosophy of the martial arts to attain happiness through planning and focus.

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