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World Traditional Karatedo Union

The World Traditional Karatedo Union is a consortium of professional, traditionally-based Karate organizations and affiliate schools.  Although other similar entities have only Japanese and Okinawan heads recognized internationally, ours specifically recognizes and accredits organizations and affiliates worldwide.  Our scope is all-encompassing and open to all traditional Japanese or Okinawan Ryuha or Kaiha.  As our name denotes, all we require is that organizations and affiliates comply with the mandates, tenets, and protocols of traditional Karatedo.

The WTKU can validate, certify, and promote perspective candidates to their appropriate rank levels.  We assist individuals in procuring international credentials from the executive board upon request.  Our candidacy requirements meet or exceed that of any international karatedo governing body in existence.  To meet the requirements of the WTKU, a perspective candidate will be issued provisional acceptance for a period of two years, then the candidate will be eligible for permanent membership into the WTKU.  Prospective members must be active as a branch head, and must have documentation of teaching record and Yudansha holders under their supervision.  In addition, educational credentials must be presented before examinations can take place.  One cannot attain credentials from the board without proper justification for prescribed dan grades through diligent propagation and teaching.  Although kumite and kata success in tournaments is beneficial, it is only beneficial to the individual practitioner.  The WTKU does not confer dan grades based on individual tournament proficiency.

To attain dan validation or promotion, the prospective candidate must appear in person before the board, or they must procure airline tickets for board members at the candidate’s own expense.  At the time of examination, the candidate must wear a white gi with Ryuha or Kaiha insignia over the heart area of the gi, or if they choose, the gi may not have any insignia at all.  In addition, a solid black belt with Ryuha or Kaiha kanji written on the right side of the obi, and their name in Kanji on the left side of the obi.  Conversely, the candidate has the right to wear a plain black belt with no kanji if they choose to do so.  During examinations, the candidate will perform mandatory Ryuha katas, and successfully complete a written examination.  After successful completion of basic requirements, and appropriate fees paid in USD funds, dan grade will be issued.

The World Traditional Karatedo Union adheres to strict protocols of appearance, etiquette, education, and sound moral standards.  The WTKU has the right to deny or revoke conferred credentials at any time for violating the tenets of the consortium.  Of course, the member has the right to due process through a written appeal to the board of examiners.  Verbal accusations will not suffice; for disciplinary action to take place, the accuser must be prepared to present evidence to the accused and the executive board.  After all the evidence is presented, the board will render a final decision that is binding and irrevocable.  This is a professional consortium of traditional karateka, adhering to the teachings, philosophies, and ethics of our predecessors.

W.T.K.U. Guidelines

Kokusai Koryu Gojukai Karatedo
Manny Saavedra,
Kaicho/President, Founder

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