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"Life Lessons of the Dojo: Martial Virtues Explained"

Life Lessons of the Dojo is a unique self-help book. It is an experiential book that adapts martial arts philosophy to modern living. This is not a martial arts book, but rather incorporates core martial arts principles and adapts them to successful living. As an educator, martial arts practitioner and teacher, martial virtues have been taught and recited during training sessions for countless years; for the first time, these martial virtues have been explained in detail. This book covers practical living, finance, relationships and general practices that enhance a success driven life.

Life Lessons of the Dojo offers practical insight to living life to the fullest through understanding the precepts of the Dojo Kun. The premise of this book is to educate, enlighten, and give direction to individuals wanting to positively change their lives. Each section offers a martial virtue, an explanation, and an affirmation quote.

I believe that this book is one of kind. It transcends the classical self-help book because it is not a mystical book, but rather a book of concrete examples of general wellness, and spirituality.

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Life Lessons of the Dojo

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